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William Untalan | Urban School Of Music
Urban School Of Music



Live Group Studio Session -7

In this Week’s Live Class, DJ Naydee covers in detail the Oscilloscope, what it does and how is it used …

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Live Group Studio Session -6

Attended By a packed class of Students and Guests, DJ Naydee covered in this Live CLass techniques in Mixing Vocals …

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Live Group Studio Session -3

DJ Naydee start off the Live Class with questions from participants of the Live Session. The Live session covers how the effects of adding a Compressor and a Side Chain to a track. How the attack and release affects the sound of the Mix as demonstrated by the waveforms its creating.

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About Urban School Of Music

The Urban School was created with the mission to provide musicians the access to university level music courses while remaining focused on Urban Music. Many schools try to teach generic music lessons but this as helpful or valuable to the student who ultimately wants to work with Rap, R&B, Gospel or EDM music.

Urban School of Music :By Urban Musicians, For Urban Musicians.

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