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Advanced Urban Mixing & Mastering – Oct 2015

Advanced Mixing and mastering techniques – For Producers & Artists



Here is the course curriculum:

Week 1 - Advanced Mixing Tools

3 Dimensional Mixing
Terms Explained
What Is Parallel Compression
Parallel Compression (In Action)
All About Multi-Band Compression
Multi-Band Compression (In Action)
Upward Compression Explained
Upward Compression (In Action)
Multi-Band Limiting
Compression Before Or After EQ
What Are De-Essers?
De-Essers (In Action)
De-Esser For Bass & Keys
What’s De-Breathing?
De-Breathing (In Action)

Week 2 - Advanced Mixing Tools Part 2

All About Specialized Compressors
1176 (In Action)
Fatso Senior (In Action)
SSL Bus Compressor (In Action)
Tube Saturation Emulation
Envelope Shaping (In Action)
What Is Transient Shaping?
Transient Shaping (In Action)
Parallel Sparkle Explained
Parallel Sparkle With Ozone
Adding Sparkle With Voxformer
Parallel Bass Compression (Explained)
Parallel Bass Compression (In Action)
Parallel Multi-band Compression

Week 3 - Sub Mixing

What Is Sub-Mixing
Different Uses For Sub Mixing
Adding Compression to the Lead Vocal
Dual Compression for Vocals
Adding EQ and Reverb
De Clipping (Part 1)
De Clipping (Part 2)
LA-2A -Balancing Volumes
Adding the Ad-lib Track
Adding the Background Vocal Tracks
Meshing Together the Vocals Group Channels
Tweaking the Chorus Group Channel
Setting up a Sub Group Channel for the Hook
Adding a Delay Effect to the Chorus Lead
Manually adding the Panning Effect to the Chorus Lead

Week 4 - SideChaining

What is Side Chaining
Side Chain Compression – Explained
Sidechain EQ (Using a Multiband Compression)
Ducking Triggered by the Kick (SideChain Pumping)
Ducking Effects (Explained)
Ducking Delays (In Action)
SideChain Gating
Side Chaining A Group Channel

Week 5 - Restoration & Automation

Noise Reduction Part 1
Noise Reduction Part 2
Overiding Automation on Vocals Part 1
Overiding Automation on Vocals Part 1
Audio Restoration Part 1
Audio Restoration Part 2
What is Automation
Automation During Mastering (Masterbus) Part 1
Automation During Mastering (Masterbus) Part 2

Week 6 - Mastering - Part 1

Oscilloscope Part 1 (kick and 808)
Oscilloscope Part 2 (Synthesizers)
Advanced Vocal Time Stretching
Working on Albums and Mix Tapes
Typical Plugin Chain
Peak and RMS Levels
Brickwall Limiters and The Loudness Wars
Spectrum Analyzer

Week 7 - Mastering Part 2

Corrective EQ
Compression Techniques
Use Of Multi-band Compressors
Using Parallel Compression
Limiting Techniques
De-essing During Mastering
Spectral Enhancers
Stereo Widening
Mid/Side Processing
Preparing Mastering For CD Press
Mastering Album With Track Blends
Bouncing Tracks

Week 8 - Mixing & Mastering

An Entire Mixing & Mastering session
Students will need to also complete an assignment reproducing the Mixing & Mastering they've learned throughout the course.

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