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Mixing & Mastering – Intermediate Course | Urban School Of Music
Urban School Of Music

Course Curriculum

Week 5 (Mixing Beats)
Determining Bit Rate and BPM
Finding out which tracks are usable
Grouping the Tracks for Easier Access
Creating The Rough Mix
Tweaking your Rough Mix
Adding effects to the Mix- Delay and Reverb
Tweaking Volume Tracks and applying Filter
Tweaking the Bass
Removing Sub Frequencies
Individually EQing Tracks
Manipulating the Sound Samples
Fixing the Clashing Sound Samples
Setting up the Side Chain
Panning the Sound Samples and Effects
Mixing Beats -Quiz
0 Hours 10 minutes00:10
Mixing Beats – (Assignment) -Intermediate
Week 6 (Creative Effects)
Intro to Creative Effects
Flange Effect Part 1
Flange Effect Part 2
Phaser Effect
Modulating Vocals
Distortion Effects – Parameters
Distorion on Guitars
Distortion on Drums
Vinyl Emulation
Creative Effects Quiz
0 Hours 10 minutes00:10
Week 7 (Mixing Vocals)
Synching Vocals with Music
Vocal Cleanup Part 1
Vocal Cleanup Part 2
Pitch Correction Part 1
Pitch Correction Part 2
Order Plugins
Where Should Vocals Sit In A Mix
Adding/Process The Adlibs & Dubs
Treating Backing Vocals
Adding/Process the Hook Vocals Part 1
Adding/Process the Hook Vocals Part 2
Vocal Rides Part 1
Vocal Rides Part 2
Mixing Vocals Quiz
0 Hours 10 minutes00:10
Week 8 (Basic Automation & Mastering)
Automating Levels of Instruments
What is Mastering
Compression On Masterbus
Limiters on Masterbus
Side Chain Compression on Delay
Side Chain Compression on the Hook
Basic Automation and Mastering Quiz
0 Hours 10 minutes00:10
Week 9 (Advanced Mixing Tools)
3 Dimensional Mixing Explained
Terms Explained
What Is Parallel Compression
Parallel Compression (In Action)
All About Multi-Band Compression
Multi-Band Compression (In Action)
Upward Compression Explained
Upward Compression (In Action)
Multi-Band Limiting
Compression Before Or After EQ
What Are De-Essers
De-Essers (In Action)
De-Esser For Bass & Keys
What’s De-Breathing?
De-Breathing -In Action
Advanced Urban Mixing and Mastering – Week1 – Quiz
0 Hours 10 minutes00:10
Week 10 (Advanced Mixing Tools - Part2)
All About Specialized Compresors
1176 (In Action)
Fatso Senior (In Action)
SSL Bus Compressor (In Action)
Tube Saturation Emulation
Envelope Shaping (In Action)
What Is Transient Shaping?
Transient Shaping (In Action)
Parallel Sparkle Explained
Parallel Sparkle With Ozone
Adding Sparkle With Voxformer
Parallel Bass Compression (Explained)
Parallel Bass Compression (In Action)
Parallel Multi-band Compression
Advanced Urban Mixing and Mastering – Week2 – Quiz
0 Hours 10 minutes00:10
Week 11 (Sub-Mixing)
What Is Sub-Mixing
Different Uses For Sub Mixing
Adding Compression to the Lead Vocal
Dual Compression for Vocals
Adding EQ and Reverb
De Clipping (Part 1)
De Clipping (Part 2)
LA-2A -Balancing Volumes
Adding the Ad-lib Track
Adding the Background Vocal Tracks
Meshing Together the Vocals Group Channels
Tweaking the Chorus Group Channel
Setting up a Sub Group Channel for the Hook
Adding a Delay Effect to the Chorus Lead
Manually adding the Panning Effect to the Chorus Lead
Advanced Urban Mixing and Mastering – Section 3 – Quiz
0 Hours 10 minutes00:10
Week 12 (SideChaining)
What is Side Chaining
SideChain Compression – Explained
Sidechain EQ (Using a Multiband Compression)
Ducking Triggered by the Kick (SideChain Pumping)
Ducking Effects (Explained)
Ducking Delays (In Action)
SideChain Gating
Side Chaining A Group Channel
Adv. Urb. Mixing and Mastering Section 4 – Quiz
0 Hours 10 minutes00:10
Sidechain Assignment-Intermediate
Week 13 (Restoration &Automation)
What is Automation
Overriding Automation on Vocals Part 1
Overriding Automation on Vocals Part 2
Noise Reduction Part 1
Noise Reduction Part 2
Audio Restoration Part 1
Audio Restoration Part 2
Automation During Mastering (Masterbus) Part 1
Automation During Mastering (Masterbus) Part 2
Restoration & Automation – Quiz
0 Hours 10 minutes00:10
Week 14 (Mastering-Part 1)
Coming Soon
Week 15 (Mastering-Part 2)
Coming Soon
Week 16 (Mixing & Mastering)
Coming Soon
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About Urban School Of Music

The Urban School was created with the mission to provide musicians the access to university level music courses while remaining focused on Urban Music. Many schools try to teach generic music lessons but this as helpful or valuable to the student who ultimately wants to work with Rap, R&B, Gospel or EDM music.

Urban School of Music :By Urban Musicians, For Urban Musicians.

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